Hello, world

Welcome, dear web traveler, to my personal blog! I never thought about creating a personal site, blog or page of any kind, even if I often create pages about projects I work on. While writing my second article about Project Management innovation, I felt it was the right time to open up a space which talks about me, alongside my ideas, projects, hopes and dreams. Well, somebody could ask “Why am I reading this blog?” First of all, this page will work as a HUB for projects I’m working on. The majority of these are open projects. With “open project” I mean a project where your opinions and ideas and especially you as a part of it are welcome. You can find out which areas I’m currently interested in and working at the Interests page. Another reason to your question would be “Trying to understand who I am”. If you find this answer, please email me immediately. I’m eagerly looking for it for decades. Take a look at the “About Me” page if you have this kind of interest! Third reason is the reason which brought you here in the first place. I’m sure there is an explicit or explicit one, somewhere, inside or outside you. I’m not sure this is the best opportunity the world will give you, but I think it could be a nice opportunity to know something and someone new – and to give the same occasion to me too! đŸ™‚ If you’d like to contact me directly, feel free to email me at daniele.difilippo@outlook.com Wishing you a pleasant stay, see you in the next post!


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