About Me

In this page I’m trying to answer the question “Who are you?”, which is one of the most difficult questions of question History. But let’s try.

A First Answer

Nice guy, blue eyes, black suit, grey tie

Cool guy, isn’t him?

My name’s Daniele, I’m 23 and I’m studying at Roma Tre University for my master degree in IT Engineering.

I pursue different dreams, which are usually creativity-based, human-centered, and span across different fields, where the primary ones are Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy.

My main objective, though, is finding lateral paths that could lead us to our dreams, to brand new dreams, or to our common knowledge frontier.

A Bit Less Common Answer

You can find myself here, and… here (Miriam chapter).
Furthermore, he‘s part of my Sky, and he indirectly handled me a key for Beyond, one day.

Another fair, dynamic answer



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