A Step Beyond: Human Brain and Nature

When I was 3 years old I was quite worried about dying. Nowadays it is not my primary concern, but I’m still interested in working on something that could make people free from major costraints like lifespan, coscience, senses.

I was quite surprised when I found out about the existence of Transhumanism and cultural movements like humanity+, because that meant that other people felt my same necessity: make one step beyond our nature.

I think it’s right, even moral, to transcend human nature, because human nature is to transcend.

Therefore, transcending is not losing our nature: it’s just letting it express at its best.

Think about it: challenge and mystery is what move us: isn’t challenge going beyond a stated obstacle? Isn’t mystery something that is beyond our line of sight?

And you? What is your opinion?

Innovation in Project Management

The first project of the current program called “Project Management Frontiers” revolves around two articles about two main aspects of project management new approach suggested by PMI and other institutions and personalities, and which broadens project management metrics to an holistic, advanced view.

The Six-Phase Comprehensive Project Life Cycle Model

The first article suggests the introduction of two new phases to the classic Project Life Cycle: the Incubation Phase, which is placed before the Project Starting phase, and the Post-Project Evaluation phase, which finds place after the Project Close-Out Phase. These two phases have been conceived to enable stakeholders to obtain the best from themselves and from the project they’re working on, and are part of an emotive-aware project management which will enable the highest internal rate of return optimizing an overlooked working performance component: the Cognitive Context layer.

>>To the article

Cognitive Context: a Key Element in Project Management Metrics

Cognitive Context is a layer of everyday professional life which is being taken into account only recently, and is now under research from PMI APM, ISO. This article will present the conception of the company as a bio-system in which every part contributes actively for the survival of the whole through what we call “Cognitive Awareness”.

Cognitive Awareness is the understanding by the individual of his own needs and the company ones. He will therefore work for a better environment and brighter career perspectives.

The article will study the roots of Cognitive Awareness in the Cognitive Context through Cognitive Constraints and Cognitive Enablers. The first are psychological obstacles that need to be overcome, while the seconds are “fuel” for commitment and agency.

A pragmatic example on how to create a tool which aids top managers, human resource managers, project managers and employees will be introduced. This tool will be developed in the second phase of the program.

Compass: in-the-field theory application

Compass is a project whose main objective is to lead companies AND individuals to professional success through the optimization of the working environment and the activation of awareness of chances which could slip away of sight.
Why spending 50% of our lives suffering fatigue and boredom? Living profession as a challenge will soon be easy and sweet as a piece of cake!

Writing & Videogame Development

I like writing fantasy and supernatural novels, because it’s the easiest way for me to express the world inside me.

I’ve played videogames since I was a child, and liked RPGs the most. I’ve always loved Art inside videogames’ story or soundtrack. An early example in my story as a gamer is “The Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker”, but there are so many titles who caught my interest, like, for instance, Fire Emblem or Advance Wars (both from Intelligent Systems).

I recently joined these two hobbies in a third one, which is game development. I’m currently working on a brief story based on my yet-to-be-published fantasy novel (which will have “Earis” in its name), and I’m going to work on the main one just after the short one will be published.

The Earis World Project is a perfect example of Open Project: the world I’m going to define has its roots in my novel’s environment, but I would like to have contribution by major and minor writers all around the world, to have a great shared world from which new novels and RPGs could spring off.

Talking about Fantasy environment, which is your favourite one?

Other interests

Psychology is another field which attracts my attention, because it’s one of the fields involved in the study in how our brain (nowadays) works.

I would like to deeper understand people (even if I’m already quite simpathetic), mainly because it’s difficult to make a change in the world if you don’t know in which way the change you want to bring is welcome by others (giving by assumption that what you’re bringing is good for everyone).

I dream, one day, to be able to meet every single person in this world and present him/her something that will change the colour of that day, and the days that will come after. Something that will slow down time, and make everything strangely surprising, because something is changing, because hope and mystery are thick in the air, that day.

That day is still a day in which change is not manifested, but is going to happen. A silent, magic day. I would like to end up my day of research at ’round sunset time, run to my neighbour, and unveil door by door, friend by friend, that unexpected gift.

The prologue of a new era.


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